NNAS is the single point of entry for all Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) interested in practicing in Canada. We are your first stop in the application process, responsible for collecting and processing all documents required for you to become licensed. NNAS reports continue to be accepted by all provincial regulators who are members of NNAS. In 2022 alone, NNAS issued almost 12,000 Advisory Reports, most within eight weeks of NNAS receiving all documentation. We recognize the valuable education and skills IENs bring and are here to support you in your journey to be licensed in Canada.


Share your opinions about the NNAS website! NNAS is improving its processes and wants to hear applicants’ opinions about information and resources Internationally Educated Nurses would like to see on our website. Click here to find out how you can participate.

To streamline the NNAS process and remove barriers to IENs, NNAS has updated its Employment Form. Effective January 11, 2023, NNAS applicants will have access to the streamlined Employment Form. Click here for more information.

As part of NNAS’ efforts to streamline its process, NNAS will be deferring submission of the language proficiency requirement to the RB process for all applicants.  Click here for more information.


Starting Internationally Educated Nurses on their journey to nursing practice in Canada.

Are you ready to apply for registration as a nurse in Canada?

Before you begin the application process you will want to understand Canadian requirements, your eligibility, and what you will need to prepare. The National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) is here to help.