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    NANB Language Requirements – Effective February 17, 2021

    Frequently Asked Questions

    NANB Language Requirements

    (EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 17, 2021 AT 9:00 am ET)



    Q1.  What are NANB’s new language requirements?


    A1.  Under NANB’s previous rules, applicants had to demonstrate language proficiency in either English or French by achieving benchmark scores on an approved language proficiency test. This remains the most efficient way of demonstrating language proficiency. That being said, IENs applying for registration with NANB may prove language proficiency in one of the four following ways.


    1. by achieving benchmark scores on an approved language proficiency test;
    2. by holding current registration in another Canadian Jurisdiction;
    3. by completing a nursing program in either English or French;
    4. by providing other evidence of language proficiency for review by the Registrar.


    If you are not able to demonstrate language proficiency through your nursing program, registration status, or your results on a language proficiency test, then the following types of evidence may also be considered by NANB:


    1. completion of an educational program at a college or university level in either English or French, in the last two years; or
    2. work or volunteer experience in English or French, in the last two years.


    As well as providing the types of evidence listed above, NANB may also require that applicants participate in an oral proficiency interview by telephone, with a member of NANB’s staff, to assess the applicant’s proficiency in listening and speaking, in either English or French.


    Q2.  Does this mean I won’t have to have my language proficiency assessed?


    A2.  No.  You still need to have your language proficiency assessed and meet the language proficiency requirement.


    Q3.  Do these changes apply to any other Nursing Regulatory Bodies?


    A3.  This change applies only to NANB.  Please check the website of the Regulatory Bodies you are considering applying to for registration or licensure to find out about their specific requirements.


    Q4.  I have an application currently open with NNAS.  I identified NANB as one the recipients of my Advisory Reports.   I want to defer my language requirement until after the NNAS process.  Can I do so? 


    A4.   Yes.  You can defer the language requirement until after the NNAS process at any time while your application is open, and your review is in process.


    Q5.  How do I defer the language requirement until after the NNAS process if I am applying to NANB?


    A5.   To defer the language requirement, go into the Dashboard section of your online portal and then go to the Application Status link for your NANB order.  The Passing Language Score requirement will include a selectable option that indicates that NANB allows for passing of language requirements to occur after the advisory report is issued.  Once you have selected this option you will then be asked to click on a box if you wish to defer the language requirement for NANB until after you complete the NNAS process.


    Q6.  I have applied to several Regulatory Bodies including NANB.  If I defer my language requirement for NANB, will this impact my application to other Regulatory Bodies?


    A6.  You will need to meet the requirements of all Regulatory Bodies you are applying to before your Advisory Report can issued.  If you have identified other Regulatory Bodies as the recipient of your Advisory Report, your Report will not be issued to those Regulatory Bodies until you meet all their requirements.


    Q7.  Can I port my Advisory Report to another Regulatory Body if I waived the language requirement for NANB?


    A7.  Yes, you can.  However, you will be required to meet the language requirement along with all other policies and requirements of each Regulatory Body to which you are applying.

    Q8.  Can I still submit language test scores to NNAS even if I am applying to NANB?


    A8.  Yes.  You can still submit language test scores and NANB will accept them as proof that you have met the language requirement.   This remains the most efficient way to meet the language requirement.